We understand that COVID-19 situation poses unique challenges for everyone. During these hard times, we are helping our customers with BIG discounts & always taking the proper safety measures.

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All Included Packages

2 Professional Movers $180 the Hour

Minimum of 3 Hours

3 Professional Movers $230 the Hour

Minimum of 3 Hours .

One-time Truck Charge $70

(Gas, Tools, & Equipment Included) – Within 30 Mile Radius

Any additional mover is $75.00 per hour

We Work by The Hour



We appreciate if you chose JACKIE MOVERS for your oncoming move.

What is Double Drive Time charge from Movers?


In California, all movers are required by law to charge “DOUBLE DRIVE TIME.” Double drive time means all moving companies charge you DOUBLE for the time it takes to get from your pick up location to your new origin-destination.

We don’t charge you for travel time from our branch or to return to our branch at the end of the day. Instead, to pay us for this time, we double the time between your pick up location and your new origin-destination.

Below is a detailed description of our moving rates. There are no hidden charges.

  • Basic Insurance is included for FREE. Additional Insurance is available upon customer request.
  • Returned Check fee policy is $50.00
  • We do not charge for mileage, bridge tolls, stairs, elevators, long walkways, or any unknown miscellaneous charges.
  • With a minimum charge of THREE hours; When the move takes less than THREE hours for total time to complete your move.
  • After the 3rd hour, the moving time is charged by quarter (1/4) hour increments.
  • Keep in mind that the more packing you do, the cheaper your move is likely to be.
  • These hourly rates also apply to our packing services.
  • Let licensed and insured professionals (JACKIE MOVERS) take the stress and high cost out of your move.

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    • JACKIE MOVERS are very careful handling and packing all of your possessions.
    • We have BIG trucks that can take complete contents of a 3 bedroom house. No additional charge, time starts at your door and ends at the moment we finish installing the last items at your new location.
    • We let you use all our packing materials that we have on our truck when you book the move with us at no additional charge; all you need to do is return packing materials when your move is completed.
    • Payment is due in full once your move is completed.
    • Pay by cash or check (cash is preferred).
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